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Attack On Titan, Band 1 (2014)

by Hajime Isayama(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 4
3551742332 (ISBN13: 9783551742339)
Attack on Titan
review 1: So first let me say, wow. My first introduction to Attack on Titan was at a convention earlier this year --there were so many Attack on Titan cosplayers! However, though I thought their uniforms were cool, it didn't interest me enough to find out more; to read or watch it. Now, after reading the first volume for school, I'm torn. I'm intrigued to read more even though I'm kind of squeamish ... The back cover review blurbs about the anime being an "action/horror story" and "Japan's equivalent of The Walking Dead" worried me for a moment, but the story's got a fascinating pull. Kind of like I wanted to look away but couldn't ... ;-) For those of you who've read more than I, how intense does it get later in the series?The sketchy, drawn quality of some of the art and pa... morenels was an interesting touch. Again, I haven't read a whole lot of manga, but I'm used to associating more cleaner line-work and art to manga. However, I think the roughness of those sections work for the dystopian type of world the humans live in. It's a gritty, believable world.
review 2: Who hasn't heard of Attack on Titan by now? It's the crazy non-stop action manga about man-devouring beasts and dramatic shounen battles. Attack on Titan rose to popularity in 2013 after the anime was released; since then, if you go to a convention, you'll see most people donned in their AoT uniforms, cosplaying their favorite characters. I won't say it's the best manga/anime to have ever graced this earth - but it is certainly solid.I feel like maybe the anime is better than the manga, solely for the reason that the anime has a dramatic choir accompanying its action scenes, and the anime focused a few of its episodes on the characters training - while the manga just skimmed past these scenes. Still, it's a good first volume. There's action, of course, and an introduction to the world of AoT, as well as some interesting questions posed for the reader. I especially liked the description of the 3D maneuver gear. A lot of thought went into this world, and I'm intrigued about what the author has in mind for this manga's ending. There's a lot of despair in this first volume. Therefore this isn't for the squeamish - many characters are killed off, and the volume ends on a rather frighting and shocking cliff hanger. The art is rough at times, and looks sketchy. But it isn't bad - I can understand what's happening in the action scenes, and character design is distinct and recognizable. This is a dark shounen, but I can see why so many people love it - it's a dramatic start, and sets up a world that's both unique and holds many questions as to just where the titans came from - and what is in Eren's dad's basement? less
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Gritty and dark. This felt like the Game of Thrones of Manga books. I really really enjoyed it!
Pretty good. The art still bothers me even in the manga.
The story is absolutely unique and very interesting!
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