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La Guerra Más Fría (2013)

by Ian Tregillis(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 5
Milkweed Triptych
review 1: I liked the 2nd book even more than the first. A merging of Lovecraft, espionage and science fiction. The book moves at a breakneck pace towards the ending and oh the ending. Talk about a cliff hanger. It was like setting off a bag of pop rocks in my head. I will force myself to wait a couple of books before I dive into the final book but I will be thinking about it until I do.One of my new favorite series. Love that it is going to end with the next book. Plus, it's got a fantastic cover.
review 2: I really, really liked the first volume of this trilogy, which laid out a neat set of premises and stuck to them thoroughly. It offered no easy outs, no moral shortcuts, and dealt very well with the toll that doing awful things takes on people no matter how good the
... moreir intentions. This volume follows through on that, and then some._The Coldest War_ picks up two decades after World War II has come to an abrupt end thanks to Britain's warlocks engaging in really major blood sacrifices to motive the Eidolons to intervene on a cosmic scale. The warlocks don't want the Eidolons killing anyone directly, since that would make it much easier for them to target the rest of humanity directly, and the Eidolons haven't gotten any less dedicated to wiping us all out. Instead, we get a theatre-wide freeze that makes any purely natural calamity like the weather conditions for the Battle of the Bulge seem very mild in comparison. The Nazi capacity for resistance for resistance falls apart...and the Soviets capture a bunch of the people and resources involved in the preternatural-soldier project that was the heart of _Bitter Seeds_. A long Cold War ensues, with Britain gingerly maneuvering with a Soviet-dominated mainland.In this volume, some of those original Nazi subjects manage to escape from their Soviet captivity and head to England, while someone's killing off English warlocks. The balance of power gets very unstable indeed. It's pretty common when people in an adventure story say something like "this could doom the whole world" for there to be an escape hatch of some kind, some switch to flip that resets the threat. In this case there isn't. Circumstances give the Eidolons the connection they've been seeking, and they go ahead and use it. There is a third volume only because there's a means of time travel.Very highly recommended if occult espionage and alternate history are to your taste. less
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Loved it! Intricate story but with a small set of characters! Looking forward to book 3!
I feel like everyone's too hard on Gretel.
Absolutely brilliant.
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