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Visaukstākais Karš (2014)

by Ian Tregillis(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 2
Milkweed Triptych
review 1: If I could give this book 6 stars, I would. It is even better than the first book, engaging me immediately and keeping the pace up until the end. Unlike the first book, it is also reasonably self-contained, and reading could end there, although there is a book 3, 'Necessary Evil', which I have purchased. A glance at the new book shows the plot and the same characters being developed further. I shall move on to that one, now.
review 2: A great sequel to the first book.The part that stayed with me most was how little Gretta regards human life.She talked a girl in to suicide, so that the girl would be autopsied and then her brain preserved, so that Gretta could take the girls brain in a jar with her as she went into jail. 20 years later she is ready to leave and
... moreuses the jar, with the brain only important in that she knew it would not get thrown away, until she did it so she could use the jar to give a guard liquor. less
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Not as dark as the first. I liked it better I think. We finally learn what Gretel has been up to.
Brilliant concepts, depressing execution. But I'll still probably go on to book three.
Sequel to Bitter Seeds and equally dark and intriguing.
ERMAGHERD. Read this series.
Dark and delicious
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