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Magic Strikes (2009)

by Ilona Andrews(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 5
0441017029 (ISBN13: 9780441017027)
Kate Daniels
review 1: I love the writing style of the books and I think that Kate's a great heroine, but I absolutely hate the way in which all of her potential love interests treat her like she's some kind of prize to prove their masculinity and attractiveness instead of appreciating her as a human being. As a woman who is so independent and capable, Kate should have the good sense to avoid both of these men, but sadly, considering they are her designated love interests, this situation will probably only get worse in the future. Such a disappointment from a series that really seemed to improve with its second book.
review 2: Really enjoyed this one in the series about Kate Daniels. It's not just the main character however, it's the secondary characters who are introduced with each
... morebook, in this instance it's Dali, a tiger shapeshifter, she's clumsy, she's capable of curse magic and she goes cross eyed when she turns into a white tiger.There's also the continuing revealing of Kate's background, her parents and history which adds interest, not to mention Curran, though I love Raphael too. less
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I start liking it more it is story with more interesting moments and I find it funny too
A snippet more of kate's past is revealed in this book so I very much enjoyed it :)
The series is great! A definite must read.
Loved it years ago!
better and better!
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