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Velva Jean Learns To Drive (2009)

by Jennifer Niven(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 1
0452289459 (ISBN13: 9780452289451)
Velva Jean
review 1: Not a bad book, but not one I would read again. A sweet growing-up story of a 1093's girl in a small mountain town whose mother dies and father disappears, the main issue with the book is a lack of plot. Growing up IS the story, and for me, that wasn't enough. The main character was interesting, the local color was fantastic, and the writing itself was lovely, so I gave this 4 stars. You won't waste your time reading it, but it's not my favorite read this summer so far.
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is a coming of age story of Velva Jean who lives in the Mountains of North Carolina. Everything about the story rang true to me. I'm currently doing research of my own family from Kentucky. So much of this story seemed to coordinate with w
... morehat I was finding in my research, I had to remind myself from time to time that it wasn't the history of my family. I loved the style of writing and the interesting characters. In fact, right now I can not think of anything I didn't like. I will definitely be reading more books by Jennifer Niven. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Southern family stories. less
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Spectacular book set in Appalachia during the Depression.
Good story, a bit too long on descriptive at times.
This was a very good book.
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