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Avengers, Vol. 1: Avengers World (2013)

by Jonathan Hickman(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
0785168230 (ISBN13: 9780785168232)
Avengers (Marvel NOW!)
review 1: When dealing with superheroes at least, the term "Volume 1" is pretty meaningless. There are references to events that happened prior to this book, presumably in Volume 0, or perhaps even Volume -1. I've been reading Marvel titles long enough to recognize most of the cast, even if I'm not up to speed on their most recent adventures. Nice to see Shang Chi back in the Marvel Universe. I'm guessing they reached some sort of agreement with Sax Rohmer's estate, then, because I'd understood that was all that was keeping him out of print. Anyway, Earth is in more peril than usual, and only a bigger, badder Avengers team can save it. A new story begins hot on the heels of that, and appears to be bringing back Marvel's New Universe line of comics as the book concludes. Fun s... moretuff!
review 2: This is my favorite Avengers run in quit some time. I have been a Hickman fan since Nightly News, and he does not disappoint on this book. It seems like this first story is building to somwthing huge, and I am excited to see how things unfold. If you are wanting some one and done stories, you should skip this title. if you are will to sit back and see how a a slow build could turn into something awesome, pick this up. One last thing, Shang-Chi. less
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I really, really liked parts and was really bored by other parts.
The plot is scattered and it suffers from too many characters.
Awesome. Truly awesome.
Keep reading series.
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