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Rot & Ruin (2011)

by Jonathan Maberry(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 1
1442402334 (ISBN13: 9781442402331)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Benny Imura
review 1: The book was spectacular the great descriptions, the intense fighting scenes and the thrilling turning points. The main characters Tom and Benny Imura are brothers. Benny, who is just turning 15 is looking for a job and wants to be a bounty hunter like his brother Tom. But, Tom says being a bounty hunter isn't just about killing zombies. So Tom takes Benny on a visit into the rot and ruin to show him what it is really about. They've been out there for about 2 weeks. They get back and through the experience in the rot and ruin and Benny comes back terrified of what he had seen. All his friends are trying to cheer him up but he was quiet for about a week. but days later the new zombie collecting cards are out on sale. and Benny gets a chase card called the lost girl. He want... mores to find out who she is and soon after he followed a couple of clues he realized that his brother Tom has been looking for this girl for the past 5 years. So they team and try to find her. Later in the book they find her and her real name is Lilah. For the years she has been gone she has been collecting zombies and hanging them on trees. The reason why she is not killing them because even though the zombies aren't human they have been humans before. Tom ask Benny if his mom was a zombie would he kill her. He answered no because that's still his mom. But in this amazing book Tom and all the other bounty hunters must protect the town so no one can get hurt but in a respectful and a responsible way
review 2: Zombies!!! Of course the book satisfied the zombie lover in me. Sometimes I have to remind myself I am not the target group for these books. However, I do love a good zombie book. The book combines several zombie theories and several other books as well. I still enjoyed it while it is a series the other books are already out, so I am okay with it. The book ends where if you really don't want to continue on in the series you have a finish point. For this the book almost got a five stars. I hate being duped into buying more books and none never end. Even Nancy Drew Series let you stop. less
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awesome zombie book!!!
2 stars
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