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Shadowlands (2013)

by Kate Brian(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
1423164830 (ISBN13: 9781423164838)
review 1: Um honestly where do I begin? I thought it was amazing til about the middle of the book when I thought they became rather over dramatic and at times repetitive. The whole idea of escaping a serial killer will make for a great thriller book but not when an author puts an end like that on a book. Trust me when I say I did not see that coming and I hate the ending because it makes me look at the entire book differently. I will continue the series because I want to know what happens next but wow can authors not do that!
review 2: May be SPOILERS: This book really REALLY had potential. I love where it was going with the whole witness protection plot. Katie Brian had a great story line with that alone! But then, she has to throw in this mystery crap and supernatur
... moreal crap. SO UNNEEDED! I was cheering for Rory and her family to make it like anyone who reads this obviously. But that ending... The stupidest ending I have ever read. Someone needs to rewrite this book without all the crap. less
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Wow the ending was so shocking. It leaves you asking so many questions. I really like this one.
I couldn't put this book down! Very captivating and interesting til the very end!!
Amazing book! Couldn't put it down, and was on the edge of my seat!
It was amazing I was confused at first, but it summed up at the end
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