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Takeover (2008)

by Lisa Black(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 3
0061544450 (ISBN13: 9780061544453)
William Morrow
Theresa MacLean
review 1: I really enjoyed starting this new series. It revolves around a forensic scientist named Theresa. In this first book we meet her, her daughter, her cousin and her fiance. Everything is going well, until a bank robbery threatens the lives of many hostages and her cop fiance. I did figure things out before the end, but overall it was a great crime novel that keeps you guessing. And the characters and witty and easy enough to like. Will definitely keep reading this series!
review 2: I no longer have the book, so I can't get a direct quote, but somewhere during the hostage situation, Lisa describes her main character, Theresa, and the librarian (the hostage response team was holed up in the library) "bonding as women do in a room full of men." I checked Lisa'
... mores biography, and while she may have a criminology degree and be a certified criminologist, I don't think she's had any experience working as the sole female or one outnumbered by the males on the team. For one thing, if you're the only female or one of an outnumbered group, you usually got there by toughness, smarts and knowing how to hang with the guys, not bunch up with the girls. Just sayin'. less
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kind of slow moving, wouldn't mind trying the next one in the series..
Not the most plausible scenario, but I certainly couldn't put it down!
Entertaining but not exceptional.
Not good
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