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The Love Of My Life (2008)

by Louise Douglas(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
0230532071 (ISBN13: 9780230532076)
review 1: I feel bad for Louise Douglas. Her book gets the obligatory pastel cover and mushy illustration, but actually this is a pretty dark novel with a heavy scoop of misery and woe, and a highly unlikeable female lead - so right up my street then..? Well, not entirely. The alternate chapters detailing past and present were a little grating. I wanted one story or the other, and then ended up not caring about either of them. Worth reading, but just don't judge this book by it's chick-lit cover.
review 2: A really enjoyable read although probably written with a female readership in mind. The story follows the life and loves of Olivia, a sometime nice person whilst at other times she is not likeable at all. The story does a Dr Who, jumping from time to time like a g
... morerasshopper in a box but very cleverly and always interestingly. This is the second book of Louise's that I have read and I have enjoyed them both immensely. less
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This book helped heal some of my own pain. It helped me realise that my grief was a normal.
An easy read, well written albeit a sad story, would like to read more of her works
I'm not sure if this is clear but I rated this book zero out of five.
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