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The Cheerleaders Of Doom (2011)

by Michael Buckley(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 3
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: This book was outstanding. The writing was adventurous and funny so I would say this is a book for everyone. The strengths of the book was if there was a big fight scene in the book. I would recommend this book to a classmate because it’s a very good story and it’s just a book that everyone will enjoy. This book is in a series and I will continue reading this series. Although the book got boring at time to time I would say others should read this book. So would give this book a 3 out of 5.
review 2: This book is about a team of kids with special micro computer chips called nano-chips.These nano-chips gave them special abilities. First off is Gluestick. This paste eater has a sticky adhesive come out of his hands to walk on walls and ceilings like a spider!N
... moreext we have an girl who is allergic to anything-with her nano-chips she can decipher what those allergic reactions are from.Next off is Wheezer. She has asthma,but her special inhalers help her fly around with one squeeze.This new recruit has braces that look like are made from ship metal,but they can form any kind of thing he wants like a shield or a gigantic fist.In this book Matilda(Wheezer) has to get into a cheer leading club(Team Strikeforce) To find a former agent Code name Mathelete. You may think it is easy,but she has had a ton of plastic surgery-payed not by money,but by valuable artifacts stolen from the multi-verse. less
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Great adventure/spy action story!
Very descriptive and fun to read.
These books are just plain fun.
It was kinda boring and girly.
9 year old son LOVED it.
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