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Circle Of Fire (2012)

by Michelle Zink(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
0316034460 (ISBN13: 9780316034463)
Little Brown
Prophecy of the Sisters
review 1: Just finished the last book in the Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy and I have to say I really liked it because it finally brought everything to a close. It also answers some questions: does Lia accept her role as Lady of Altus? does Alice and James marry? and finally will Alice and Lia help to bring about the end of the prophecy or does evil win and Samael and his Souls rule the world? I guess if you want to know read and find out for yourself. I would highly recommend this book, I cannot believe it took so long to finally finish the trilogy, but my own curiousity got the better of me this time (I had to know how it would all end myself).
review 2: Wow. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. I read the first book because I saw the author speak at Decatur Book Festival and it w
... moreas pretty decent. A bit of a rip off on Gemma Doyle but it did have an interesting setup with twin sisters, one of which is the 'evil twin'..So it had some promise and I went on to read the 2nd book. The 2nd book is where things veer badly off base (for me). The Victorian setting and feeling is somewhat tossed aside as the girls travel to a place called Altus where women don't have to wear corsets and they are the ruling power, sort of a goddess/high priestess thing, etc. So to me the author undermined the original gothic setting of her book with this new direction. More importantly the straight laced character gets a boyfriend and they begin a passionate and sexual relationship(not very Victorian, fairly modern). All very out of synch with the origins of the character. Much much later I finally decided to read this final book in the series. I finally put it aside without finishing. I couldn't read any more. In this installment the main character becomes fairly unlikeable. Worse yet, she is boring. And the female friendships she forged in the original book are pushed to the side while she pursues her quest with her handsome, perfect, overprotective boyfriend Dmitri. And by 'pursue her quest' I mean occasionally the author has some other character reveal info to her in a very creaky mechanism for moving plot forward. So - no plot, no interesting secondary characters, too much of the 'perfect' love interest fawning over the main character, and a heroine that is kind of a cold fish. Blegh. The author DOES have an ability to set a tone in her writing - this is the one redeeming quality. But she needs a lot of work on plot, direction and character development. less
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It was so good that I found that I had to force myself to put it down and savour it some.
This book has a very shocking end! Amazing!
It felt slow.
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