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What To Do When Someone Dies (2000)

by Nicci French(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 4
0718147863 (ISBN13: 9780718147860)
review 1: For a ‘thriller’ I didn’t find it very thrilling. There wasn’t really any suspense, excitement or even much of a suspicion of murder. I think it was mentioned briefly by Ellie about half way through but the rest of the novel just concentrated on her obsession with her husband and Milena, the woman he died with. It was very slow going and not a lot was covered in the story. Ellie wavers between believing her husband hadn’t cheated to thinking he had, does a bit of investigating and then the story is concluded. There were a lot of random sub-plots and characters included, most particularly Johnny- really not sure what that was all about. I did have some sympathy for Ellie and could see her struggle to accept the death of her husband and her determination to find ou... moret the truth but she was slightly irritating at times and it was sad to see her treat her friends the way she did. We don’t really get to see what Greg was like as a person, he’s mentioned but more in a ‘did he cheat/didn’t he?’ way so we never get to like him or care what happened to him.I suspected what had happened way before the end and it was very subtle but that wasn’t really what I was looking for in the novel. It was interesting enough to read but I wanted a more dramatic thriller.
review 2: This one was a bit different from the other Nicci French books I've read, but then again, maybe that too was due to the translation.From the very first start I doubted Tania. When Elly came by Greg's office to pick up his stuff and she said that she had already taken care of it, I felt like she was hiding something. Plus, she didn't really play a big role in the story and if there's one thing I learnt from reading thrillers, it'd be that the person you expect the less to be the bad guy, eventually turns out to be the one they're all looking for. Well, it was Joe and I think it became obvious when he kept getting nicer and nicer every time, it was like he was trying to make himself look innocent.I wasn't really looking for anything special when I picked up this book, I just wanted a good thriller.And I got that. less
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I've read better Nikki French, but this was still worth the read!
I quite enjoyed this as a straightforward thriller.
Found this an ok story but a bit of a plod.
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