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Into The Silence (2009)

by Sarah Pinborough(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
1846077532 (ISBN13: 9781846077531)
BBC Books
review 1: Into the Silence is the first Torchwood novel I have read and I can easily say it was a good experience. My only fear, and it is a small one, is that that experience was made good because of Miss Pinborough who is my favorite female horror author of all time. All right, so there aren’t many female horror authors. She is a very reliable author though and I have only disliked one of her novels. Anyway, Into the Silence was gripping right from the beginning and has a surprising depth to it. For a novel such as this, it is rare to feel any emotion other than maybe excitement but Pinborough pulls it off in the short amount of pages she has. It is more of a science fiction novel than horror but both genres are blended together nicely. There is a mystery thrown in as well. I do... moren’t know how anyone could stop reading a book in which people are mysteriously being killed and having their vocal cords removed. Did I mention that all the murdered are talented singers? What would want to removed the organs that allow talented singers to sing? Pinborough will tell you and, if the answer seems a little disappointing or difficult to accept, just keep going because the climactic ending is well worth it. I will definitely try to track down the other novels in this series as well as find more of Pinborough’s work and I strongly recommend that you do the same.
review 2: Into the Silence was better than I expected. I was impressed by Sarah Pinborough's writing and was surprised to learn that she is a British horror writer, as many of the Torchwood novels, from what I understand, were written by the show's script writers. Into the Silence was very true to the existing characters and introduced many very believable and individual new characters. Ianto is put into a potentially (more than usual) risky situation, and it was interesting and fun to see his reactions to the situations that arose. I recommend this book to all existing or potential Torchwood fans, even if you have no plans to read any of the other novels. less
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Another heartbreaking read! It was wonderful to learn a little more about Ianto in this one!
Not my favorite Torchwood, but pretty good. The description on the back is inaccurate.
This story is one of the better Torchwood novels I've read. Sad but a bit beautiful.
Very good plot, nice pace. This could've been a really good episode.
I liked this one right up until the very end.
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