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Neighbors, The (2012)

by Ania Ahlborn(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 4
1469211319 (ISBN13: 9781469211312)
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review 1: Disturbing and creepy, illustrating how the sins of the parents can be served on their offspring and innocent bystanders, and, in the process, taking a stout authorial axe to splinter the veneer of the suburban American Dream.There's an almost three-sided symmetry to the plot as Drew's, Howarth's and Mickey's variously-traumatic backgrounds enmesh and collide with tense and messy results.Although at times the plot stretches credibility and Red is a fairly single-dimensional character, it was exciting enough to keep me up late reading it to a finish.
review 2: Well, what can I say? I bought this Kindle book with one of those Amazon promotions for books for $1.99 or such and I didn't read any reviews first. Despite that, it was a fast read and I finished the ent
... moreire thing, which is not something I usually do for books that I end up giving only 2 stars to, so kudos to the author for somehow keeping my curiosity going until the very end! That said, I can't even recall any of the characters names off the top of my head and I just finished it last week - that says something...not something good.** MAJOR SPOILERS ** NO POINT IN READING STORY AFTER YOU READ MY REVIEW!Here are the main challenges with the book as I see it:1.) THIN PLOT: Very thin plot that made little sense (leaving home due to mother being alcoholic and agoraphobic) and going to live in a dump with a childhood friend just 1 town away? Quitting job at supermarket that is so close by, only to apply at other supermarkets 1 town away and get rejected because he left the other job without 2 weeks notice. Really??2.) THE NEIGHBOR: Crazy but beautiful 40-something woman as serial seducer and killer of young boys (for decades undetected!) Reason? To "replace" her son that she also killed, due to her childhood sexual abuse by her religious priest father and mother killed by a rapist? I don't even know where to begin with this one - I mean, really? It was like the author just decided to toss in every cliche reason for serial killing;3.) THE NEIGHBOR HUSBAND: The husband just stands by, knowing everything, after his wife molests their son, eventually kills him and continues the pattern for decades. Then - suddenly! - at the end, he gets a pair of you-know-whats and stands up to her because he thinks she is falling in love with her latest boy-toy, the main character? I just wanted to poke him in the eye and find out if anyone was actually in there.4.) DISMEMBERMENT AND MISSING BODIES: The underground bunker for chopping up her prey after killing them, carried out by the childhood friend who lives next door? He then drives the bodies "somewhere" and dumps them. None have ever been found after DECADES of this? Seems highly irregular, though I guess Jeffrey Dahmer got away with it for a long time...5.) MOTHER COMPLEX: The whole mother-figure-sexual-attraction with the 40-something neighbor was just weird; his excitement over cookies and pancakes was overdone. At times I felt like the book was actually written by a teenage boy, but a crazy one. Maybe that is a point for the author if that was the goal!6.) MIRACLE CURE: And the final insult...when the main character returns home to his real mother after the whole incident and she miraculously gets over her agoraphobia and alcoholism, and shocker, the house is even clean!The more I write this review, the more I wonder why I was compelled to finish it. Oh well, on to a new book! less
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I wanted to keep reading so I could find out what happened, but I didn't particularly enjoy it.
It was rather draggy and unfocused which took away much of its readers attention
This did not feed my appetite for sex and gore. It was mediocre and annoying.
That was a weird book and disturbing.
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