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Acceptable Loss (2011)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
0755376846 (ISBN13: 9780755376841)
William Monk
review 1: This goes under my e-book commute section, which means I just picked something off the shelf at the library without knowing anything about it. I probably should have read a different one in the Monk series (though I had no way of knowing where it was in the series thanks to book publishers not putting the book number on the book), but I still ended up really enjoying it.That's despite it being a period piece, which I usually don't care for much.The crime was a little more disgusting than I would have cared to even think about, a bit like Victorian Law & Order SVU (which I can't stand to watch). But the characters were quite well thought out, and their interactions were done quite well. If I run across another Monk book at the library, I might even pick it up on pur... morepose.
review 2: Notes to myself (because they don't fit below):Parfitt: victim/villain a la Phillips from previous novelCardew: son is a wastral but does the right thing in the end; feel sorry for Rupert, really, and wish he was going to be a continuing character; Lord shows a different example of loyalty to and love of a family member, can see them for what they are and want to help them because they love themMargaret: what the hell? what happened to the woman who insisted on going into a plague house to help Hester??? When did she get close to her family?Rathbone: excludes his wife from his deeper thoughts, so not understanding of Margaret at the end, seriously, her father is dead, she hasn't even gotten used to the idea yet; can't seem to help comparing Margaret and HesterBallinger: why did he think his confession after the trial was going to make Rathbone work harder at getting an appeal, the man is supposed to be a lawyer, shouldn't he know better? why did he try to frame Cardew? A more natural looking death or strangling him with something like rope would have made it virtually impossible for them to figure out who did it?Hattie Benson: Doesn't have the sense God gave a flea. Why would she leave the clinic after being told it was safe there and not to leave at all. And for God's sake, why did they think it was okay for her and Margaret to be there at the same time?Scuff: poor boy, I hope he stays with Monk and Hester; looks like that is the way things are going, hope they give him a better nameHester: does a lot of detective work on her ownSqueaky: like him more and more, I think his friendship/mutual respect with Claudine is cute less
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Strange experience reading this. I've read it once before, but I had zero recollection of the plot.
I love Anne Perry and have read all of this series!
Enjoyable read.
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