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Furðustrandir (2010)

by Arnaldur Indriðason(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
9979221232 (ISBN13: 9789979221234)
Inspector Erlendur
review 1: Anything Indridason writes is well done, whether you like the storyline is another matter. Erlander has always been a brooder, frequently disappearing from his work as a detective to spend time in the area of eastern Iceland where he grew up and where his brother (both were children at the time) disappeared during a blizzard never to be found. After writing 2 books in this series without Erlander, because he had left again, the story is finally told of what Erlander did while others were covering his job. Personally I got very tired of him hounding the elderly of eastern Iceland as Erlander got caught up in a 60 (?) year old mystery but by the end I was as involved in the story as with anything Indridason has written and was pleased by the ending. NOT a book to be read out... more of order!
review 2: I've read almost all of the books by this author, and this one was a little different than the usual Inspector Erlendur novels. I actually liked the change of pace -- well, really, the change of scenery -- as this one was set in the eastern fjords of Iceland rather than the city of Reykjavik. The mystery to be solved was interesting, and Erlendur solved it with his usual tenacity and shrewd instincts. All in all, not my absolute favorite novel by this author, but a good one. less
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Dark and brooding tale unravelling a mystery that happened decades ago.
I always love these Icelandic mysteries and this one is no exception.
Exceptional. His skill in writing is shown here.
loved the book but hate it's the end.
A good read but frustrating ending.
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