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Duke Of Midnight (2013)

by Elizabeth Hoyt(Favorite Author)
4.56 of 5 Votes: 2
1455508349 (ISBN13: 9781455508341)
Grand Central Publishing
Maiden Lane
review 1: This Goodreads Giveaway prize--the first one I've won--is a delightful romance with mystery. The Ghost of St. Giles, a fixture of the Maiden Lane series, continues his heroic vigilante ways fighting against the gin trade in a most dangerous part of London. This time, he's also seeking to avenge a double murder--all the while trying desperately to avoid losing his heart to a most dangerous woman.Lady's companion Artemis Greaves is a perfect match for Maximus, the Duke of Wakefield. She knows her place, but she doesn't like it. When an unexpected opportunity occurs to change her circumstances--but more importantly, those of her brother--she makes a dangerous choice.The characters are sympathetic and engaging, the setting so well drawn the reader can feel as if she is there. ... moreThe hero and heroine's problems are so complex that the reader has to keep turning pages to figure out how the author can possibly resolve this. As this is a romance, of course she does.There are a couple of plot threads I was disappointed not to see overtly resolved at the end. I can assume from events that one more marriage will ensue, but there's the matter of Phoebe and of the captain--who might be separate issues, but maybe not--whose stories require more. Maybe they'll be part of the next book as this is a series.
review 2: I read this book in one sitting! It's been awhile since I couldn't put down a book, even this novel's predecessor, which I thought was very good. While I am a bit grateful that the Ghost of St. Giles has finally been put to rest, I have to say I was sorry to end Maximus and Atremis' wonderful story. What a lovely couple! Though I have a feeling that Apollo's and, the future Phoebe's stories, will be equally enchanting. It just goes to prove that books like these make reading, and especially romances! altogether enjoyable :) less
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Love every bit of it. Miss Elizabeth Hoyt never fails to amuse me in every book.
Old timey Batman!!!!! Duke of Wakefield (Maximus) and Artemis.
Read it for the SBTB RT book review challenge.
Eighteenth century Batman FTW.
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