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Závist (2012)

by Gregg Olsen(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 4
Fortuna Libri
Empty Coffin
review 1: Good light mystery read. 3.5/5 stars. I liked how the author based it off the Megan Meier case and the plot was interesting. I just think that the writing style could improve a little bit. The book isn't a must read, more of something to keep you entertained or when you don't know what else to read. It's inbetween must read and entertain, depends on what kind of books you like to read. A really good part about this book was the plot twist. It seemed obvious that it was because of Starla and her mom Mindee that Katelyn killed herself. But then realizing it was Teagan's who snuck into her house to tell her about a pregnancy test and then not leaving after she told him countless times to go. The whole time I was like Teagan stop being stupid and leave the naked girl alone. Th... moreen it happened, the real reason Katelyn died was because she was electrocuted by the espresso machine as she was getting a towel to cover herself. After I read that part I was just like you fucked up Teagan. Also, the book had a really good ending. The bad reporter died, the real truth of how Katelyn died was out, and Taylor and Hayley's secret was safe. Except nothing happened to Starla
review 2: Envy centers around the death of a 15 year old, Kaitlyn, in the small town of Port Gamble. Although the coroner rules her death an accidental suicide, twins Haley and Taylor think there's more to the story. Haley and Taylor use their 'twin-sense' to investigate the circumstances of Kaitlyn's death.The concept sounded interesting enough and I think the cover is gorgeous which is primarily why I picked it up. That being said, there were a lot of issues with this book in my opinion.-There were a lot of characters that were introduced without being fleshed out. It was overwhelming.- I know it sounds like a weird thing to bring up, but the way these kids would text was indecipherable. I had to make a serious effort to read them. I understand abbreviating but this was pushing it.-There was no backstory. Basically every event that happened in the past in this town wasn’t talked about because it was so horrible. -It felt like the author was trying too hard to make it sound spooky (see above bullet).-None of the characters were really likable. They all come off as high-school mean girls or for the ones who weren’t in high-school, simply mean.-The content of the book (suicide, cyber-bullying, self-harm) was for a more mature audience, but it was written like it was for pre-teens.With that being said, I didn’t hate the book. There were some redeeming moments throughout the book but I was and am completely indifferent to it despite all of its flaws. less
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Not the greatest book I've ever read but I did enjoy it and will read the next in the series.
it's really mysterious that i did not expect who killed her ;)
Rating: 3.5
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