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A Quilter's Holiday (2009)

by Jennifer Chiaverini(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 5
1439139326 (ISBN13: 9781439139325)
Simon & Schuster
Elm Creek Quilts
review 1: The day after Thanksgiving, the Elm Creek Quilters gather for a marathon quilting session, and think about their lives up to the current point. Cook Anna is at a crux in her relationship with best friend Jeremy, who has driven off in a storm to see his girlfriend many states away. Gretchen reflects on her useful life of volunteering. Diane thinks how her boys have disappointed her by shedding traditions and religion, and foolishly tries to drive home in a snowstorm. Silvia is in search of any relations at all, and has a lead in California. Gwen reflects on her relationship with her mentor Victoria, who suffered many bouts of cancer. Sarah is six months pregnant, and her husband has just agreed to leave for the winter to help his father--without asking Sarah.This fills in b... moreackstory for many of the series' main characters, but that's kind of the problem with it--it's backstory, and is told rather than shown. There's nothing wrong with the stories, which are all interesting, but the "shown" parts are the most compelling--that's kind of a given in writing. And leaving someone in peril for most of the book did make it a little harder to focus on the story currently being told!
review 2: Continuing with this series after a bit of a pause... rather, the most recent one I read was historical so it had been a while since I'd read the contemporary ones. This felt a bit contrived, along the lines of "the serie's popular, the holidays are coming, write one about the holidays". Ok, with that in mind, it wasn't too bad, and we got to see the Anna/Jeremy/Summer situation unravel a bit. The problem with a long series is that the recaps are a bit boring if you've been reading them all, but essential if you jump into the middle. less
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She keeps building these characters and their history and their connection to each other.
Another good book about friendship, life and quilting. I do enjoy these books.
Short and sweet. :)
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