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Storm Prey (2000)

by John Sandford(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
1847376177 (ISBN13: 9781847376176)
Lucas Davenport
review 1: A good, fast-paced Sandford--one where we know, right out of the chute, who the bad guys are, and get to watch Lucas and his usual gang figure it out, piece by piece. I really like the books that weave bits of Lucas Davenport's "normal" life into the plot. If the plots only focused on the myriad ways people can screw up/do damage to each other, a smart-ass investigator like Davenport would become tiresome. There's only so much good-natured poking at each other and dramatic tension and shooting before it all gets old. Bringing Weather into the story--her job and how dedicated she is to her practice and patients--was the thing that set this book apart from your run of the mill thriller.
review 2: This was a really great read. It may not have been high on the lite
... morerary merit scale, but it's a fun read. I seem to either like these a lot or just be non-committal about them, but when they're good they're good. This book is well plotted. It starts with Lucas' wife being somewhere that it maybe would have been best she hadn't been. Everything spirals out from there believably with Weather, and therefore Lucas, stuck in the middle of it all. The surgical sub-plot with Weather is also surprisingly enjoyable. It doesn't feel like it's just stuck in there to give her something to do while everything happens around her. Best of all, since Weather needs protecting, it gives us the opportunity for visits from not only Jenkins and Shrake, who are rapidly becoming favorite "fixture" characters, but also Virgil as the, sometimes not quite willing, bodyguard for the boss's wife. It all wraps up with some good action sequences. I also had more than a bit of sympathy for a guy who ends up breaking another guy's neck on purpose. That's something I'm not used to feeling sympathetic about. less
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loved it started with this one now i gotta track down the whole series! :)
Entertaining, a typical Sandford-style book
My least favorite Sanford book thus far.
I always enjoy Lucas Davenport!
This one was only average.
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