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Infinity Ring #2 Divide And Conquer (2012)

by Carrie Ryan(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 1
Scholastic Australia
Infinity Ring
review 1: This book, in my opinion, was a lot better than the first one. This isn't saying that the first one was bad; in fact it was great! "Divide and Conquer" though, just held so much more suspense and confusion, and had a lot of plot twists. The only real complaint I had about this book was the fact that even though there were a lot of battle scenes, it just didn't feel like they were at were. So many people dieing so quickly, and the Vikings just didn't seem that observant. Other than that, the whole book was overall a very good read which I really liked.
review 2: This book was interesting and exciting. I liked how it wasn't predictable. On the other hand, when explaining the solution to their humongous problem, it seemed a bit vague. I wasn't sure that their pla
... moren would really work and have no way of finding out. Also this "romance" thing going on with Sera aged her character. She's supposedly 11, but judging by her emotions, and how she reacts to them and her circumstances, she feels more like a teenager. I know that being thrust into intense situations such as this can mature a character, but in that case, wouldn't Dak mature too? Maybe not as much, but still some. If a character wants to be older then let them be older, but if you want them to be 11, please let them be 11. less
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i liked the book but i think making an 11 year old girl fall in love in the book is so wrong.
I can't w8 a yr until the 3rd 1 cms out!!! its not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved the book and encourage others to read it too.
untung otak saya sedang 'sehat'
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