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Hilda And The Black Hound (2014)

by Luke Pearson(Favorite Author)
4.48 of 5 Votes: 5
1909263184 (ISBN13: 9781909263185)
Flying Eye Books
review 1: I adore the books in this Hilda series. The drawing & characterization reflect the eye of a skilled film maker w/shifting perspectives, zooming in and out for dramatic effect. The large format (the size of a picture book) allow of a diverse array of frame sizes and lend themselves particularly well to scenes features the giant. Hilda and her mom live together and have a healthy relationship, even if they don't always see eye to eye...Hilda is given license to explore the world around her and express her imagination. In this story there is a menacing black dog on the loose putting the whole city on high alert...meanwhile Hilda is trying to earn her first sparrow scout badge, but is distracted by helping a banished house spirit named Tontu find a new home. In everyone's hou... morese there is lost of wasted space (behind bookcases, in the tops of cupboards, in between floor boards) which when combined manifests itself as an extra room where a house spirit can make their nest. House spirits are also collectors...so that odd sock? Or other belongings that mysteriously disappear? ...probably decorating a house spirit nest.
review 2: I'm very grateful to the good folks at Nobrow for sending me an advance copy of this. It is a delight. Hilda is my hands-down favorite kids graphic novel series. My five year old has requested nothing but Hilda for the last week, and I am completely fine with that. I love the style of the drawings, the limited palette, and the warmth and humor of the dialogue. These stories are strange, magical, and a bit absurd at times. Time spent with Hilda is time well spent. less
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Luke Pearson's Hilda books are adventurous, lovable and imaginative - you must read them!
A true heir to Tove Jansson's Moomintrolls!
I love the art in this series. (Amanda
I love the art in this series.
4 1/2 stars
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