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The Walking Dead, Vol. 21: All Out War Part 2 (2014)

by Robert Kirkman(Favorite Author)
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1632150301 (ISBN13: 9781632150301)
Image Comics
The Walking Dead
review 1: The series waned a bit more in this book, Rick sermonises in unrealistic ways, again, Carl continues to be the most sane insane person in the book and frankly I'm surprised any of them managed to get this far.Many of the characters have failed to develop beyond their established tropes and they are in danger of becoming parodies of themselves which is a shame in what should be a character driven rather than a repetitive story driven work.
review 2: The war with Negan is coming to a head as all of the free people living in the communities around Washington DC realize they truly need to work together in order to throw off his yoke of control. They have just been confronted with a major attack by his people, and each community was crushed by him.They now pull tog
... moreether and move to Hilltop, which is now under the leadership of the widowed Maggie. She, of course, turned to Rick for guidance with the bigger issues as the other leaders do. For the first time, it would seem like humanity is starting to come together if they could just deal with Negan.Rick, himself, becomes the perfect example of the new outlook. He cannot believe that Negan can overwhelm all the positive unity forming among the humans. They have crops, supplies, and knowledge so they could truly find a safe life among the roamers. The question is Negan can be stopped before everything is ruined.This series continues to keep holding my interest, constantly shaking things up to provide new angles on humanities fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. As always, people are far more horrible villains than the walking dead could ever be, yet their is always that glimmer of hope of how good things could be if the living could learn to work together. It is not at all surprising why the series that is loosely based upon is so popular. Fans of the show REALLY need to dive into the original books. Since they are graphic novels, they read quickly. Just a warning, though, as the TV show and the books have parted ways on the directions a number of the characters have taken.I am really curious as to where the series will go after the conclusion of this volume! less
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I love Zombies and everything Walking Dead related, so yay! Read it.
I don't know, I just didn't like this one as much.
The story continues....looking forward to vol 22.
The end of a war and I can't be happier.
My least favorite to date.
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