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Batgirl, Volume 2: The Flood (2011)

by Bryan Q. Miller(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 3
140123142X (ISBN13: 9781401231422)
DC Comics
Batgirl III
review 1: I think I've said before that I seriously love Steph as Batgirl. Still do. Even more in this volume, I think. There are six issues in this trade, with one four-part story and two one issue stories. First, the four-part story, The Flood. Basically, The Calculator goes even further off the deep end. What made this story for me (the whole trade, really) is more the characters, the dialog, and the light touches of humor than the actual plot itself. With another writer, with other characters, I think this would have fallen flat. Same with the second story, Trust, which is mostly a straight-forward Clayface adventure, with a slightly surprising ending. But my favorite was the last story, Terror in the 3rd Dimension, guest starring Supergirl. Sure, it's a little cheesy, in a B mo... morevie sort of way. But it's a Supergirl/Batgirl team-up, and it's fantastic. But the last scene, where Kara tries to reassure Steph that she's not doomed? Um...
review 2: The more I read of this run of Batgirl, the more I regret its end. Stephanie Brown is fun and full of exuberance. This collection had more bits of DC continuity in it than the last one, but not enough to be off-putting or confusing to newcomers (I knew bits of its vaguely, but the history with Wendy and the Calcalator was well-explained enough to go on with). The characters are all appealing and I wish I had lots more to look forward to, instead of just one collection left to read. less
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It's funny and charming. It probably helps to read Oracle: The Cure first.
Dull story, poor continuity. Seemed a little Buffy-wanabe to me.
Couldn't put it down. Love Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.
Loved the Supergirl team-up.
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