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A Lança Do Deserto (2010)

by Peter V. Brett(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 2
Demon Cycle
review 1: Brett started this book in an unexpected and jarring place, focusing on Jardir's origins and his perspective of the time spent with Arlen for the first 180 pages. I'll be honest, if was a bit of a bummer at first but I'm so glad in retrospect he chose this route as it helped humanized Jardir. This pays off later in the novel as the politics of the world come into larger focus. Every character is relatable and while I like some more than others (Arlen, Rojer) there is no archetypal hero or antagonist. They all have reasons and belief systems that are understandable, even if you don't agree with them. This makes the interplay of characters and ideologies so much more interesting.One thing that did surprise me, and I'm not sure if it's a good surprise yet, is how quickly the ... morecorelings became a nuisance rather than a threat. The majority of the book it never felt as if anyone was in real danger of corelings. However, this was very much rectified in the third act and shouldn't be an issue moving forward. Plus, as I mentioned, the interactions of the humans were my favorite parts anyways.In conclusion, I think this is easily as good as The Warded Man. Definitely different in structure and subverts expectations of plot and character a bit, but I like that it kept me guessing. The best praise - I read it in 2 days as it was so hard to put down!
review 2: It's a great idea and a recommended read for Fantasy Fiction fans like me. I enjoyed this more than the first in the series because the pace is better, mostly because the main characters are grown up and getting into their powers. It is just a bit long though, lavishing too much time on situations that didn't interest me much. There's a lot of context to the characters that could have been delivered in a few pages of backstory and not lost any of the richness. With that gripe out of the way, I have to say that Peter Brett's demon-cursed tale seems to be heading for a titanic finale. I'm a lot keener to read book 3 than I was to pick up this one after reading book 1! less
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And you thought you hated him.... then you will be sick of it when you understand him.
So very hard to put down
Another amazing addition
Couldn't put it down!
very good
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